~Neil Patel, Feb 26, 2022


If you have a e-commerce business that makes sales, whether you’re doing it intentionally or not and you don’t have a sales funnel, you’re losing out on a ton of sales. A sales funnel is basically a journey that takes a visitor from becoming aware of your product to moving them through stages of your sales process and then becoming a customer.

Hopefully that customer then can become a repeat customer and a brand evangelist and just start being part of your sales funnel and generating you more sales.

So what is a very poorly fine tuned or poorly tuned sales funnel really look like? And I don’t really consider this a sales funnel but this is what a poor version looks like. I hate to break it down for you but most e-commerce sites are this example. It typically starts with the ad, then they go to your product page, they add it to a cart and then boom, that’s it.

There’s not really much more to it, and that’s what really terrible funnels typically are for e-commerce and they just don’t work that well. So what’s the problem with this? Well, there’s no guidance, no intention. Visitors will have to figure out a lot on their own.