Video, Ron Billings, Feb 12, 2021

This video will compare Free vs Paid ways you can market your website. From Adwords to Facebook and Instagram to using SEO optimization tips to drive traffic to your website.

A steady stream of leads is crucial for gaining momentum as a lawyer. But competition is fierce, and sometimes the pipeline dries up. If you can’t seem to drum up enough good clients, a strategic online advertising effort can put you back on top.

Why online advertising? The ABA Journal reports 38% of people to turn to the internet to find a lawyer, and you’re missing out on lucrative leads if you don’t advertise online.

Before you jump in, deciding whether you’ll use free vs. paid online advertising and which platform you’ll focus on is key to finding the right clients. While both have a place in marketing your firm, you’ll get the most bang for your buck with the right approach.